Ok-Inventario programa de contabilidad 2.1.5s  v.1.0

OK-Inventario es un gratis programas de contabilidad, gestión comercial y gestión de negocios, programa de contabilidad, software para gestion de negocios, programas gestion de negocios, gestion de empresas, de ventas y compra, finanzas

Páginas Amarillas  v.

Por YELL Perú SAC Accede a Páginas Amarillas de Perú, el directorio de empresas más completo y actualizado del Perú. ✓ Ubica los establecimientos y anunciantes según tu localización. ✓ Visualiza el plan del anunciante con fotos de sus


MercadoAgoraPhone  v.

- Consulte as cotações das ações listada na bmfbovespa com gráficos diários. - Conheça detalhes financeiros sobre as empresas e os últimos proventos das ações. - Veja notícias específicas das empresas em tempo real. - Acompanhe as

LoanManager  v.

Developed by PENSOFT AplicaciAln Para el manejo y control de los prestamos. Esta sera la aplicaciAln favorita para las empresas dedicadas a prestar o para los entes individuales que se dediquen a esta labor: Funcionalidades: ***Manejo de

Ok-Inventario - Gratuita software de gesti+¦n de negocio  v.2.1.5

OK-Inventario es un software innovador, vers+itil y personalizable dise+-ado para proveer soluciones para la contabilidad, gesti+¦n empresarial, control de almac+en de inventario, gesti+¦n de ventas y gesti+¦n de documentaci+¦n para las peque+-as


Reporting Tool Firebird , Interbase ,PostGre-Sql , Sybase, SqlLite, Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel and text files or ODBC Report summary cross-tabs charts Publish reports easily across the web Drag and Drop report creation No

Solution4VOIP VoipSwitch

Solution4VOIP is a complete IP telephony platform using which you can offer a variety of services such as: wholesale Voip termination, device to phone (NAT support) , pc to phone, web to phone , calling cards, SMS/ANI/WEB callback , DIDs mapping ,


E-Orders is the system of management of you order of purchase, that will allow him to control the purchases of all type of products for its company, being helped to reduce costs him and of improving the administrative efficiency.

Agenda Comercial

Agenda Comercial is a program of management specially thought for the best performance of the area of sales of a company. With Commercial Agenda it is possible to automate frequent tasks of the people or person that are in charge of the sales of the

G  v.9.0

Program (in Spanish) that will allow you to take to a control of the costs of manual labor and products you used in a work.

Stinki  v.

Stinki is a program destined to take orders in telephone form or by other means, and to realise its later pursuit until realising the delivery into the hands of the client. Stinki allows to improve the management of the department of sales,

MEMO-Fix Digital  v.3. 1. 2001

Capture your thoughts and send them, with MEMO-Fix Digital. You can create sticky notes on the desktop of your PC, set a reminder alarm and send them to email addresses on the date and time it programes. The note was originally sent to our server,

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